The different between: Outlook Express, Microsoft Outlook and

In recent months inexperienced users on the Internet have had a tremendous and with some confusion shake, so we will leave some things clear.

Outlook Express, Microsoft Outlook and are not the same thing.

Each is a product of Microsoft, are designed to send and receive emails as a cornerstone, having regard all three as the same name may sound familiar to someone known or question and think the same thing, but is not well.

Outlook Express

It is an implementation of Microsoft's construct to send and receive emails, made ​​to run installed in the Microsoft Windows operating system and dates back to 1997.

In 2009 ceased to be a working application, ie, no updates and no new versions, he was succeeded by Windows Live Mail Outlook Express came installed by default in Windows.

Microsoft Outlook

Often confused with Outlook Express is an application that comes in the package of Microsoft Office. Its latest version is 2010 and the last update was released in 2011. This is an application for managing emails, an improved version of Outlook that has many more tools and better support.

It's the new version with new features, faster, easier to use and tools to use web mail system on tablet and mobile devices with tremendous ease.

Logout Outlook

To be safe always logout of Outlook. What are the drawbacks of having an Outlook account open?

By having the account open, anyone with access to the web browser where were you can see your inbox.

Unfortunately your browser does not close the session is closed so do not guarantee security when leaving your inbox.

Steps to log Outlook
At the top right of the screen, click on your name, then a menu will be displayed, click on Logout.
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